sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008

Informe de Investigación en PME 32 (Morelia)

Font, V. & Planas, N. (2008). Mathematical practices, semiotic conflicts, and socio-mathematical norms. En O. Figueras, J.L. Cortina, S. Alatorre, T. Rojano & A. Sepúlveda (eds.), Proceedings of the Joint Conference PME32-PMENA XXX (Vol 3, pp. 17-23). CINVESTAV: México.

We adapt the onto-semiotic approach to research in mathematics education developed by Godino and his colleagues (e.g., Font, D'Amore & Godino, 2007; Godino, Batanero & Roa, 2005) in order to better understand certain disparities in the interpretation of classroom socio-mathematical norms (Yackel & Cobb, 1996). In this approach, the experience of disparities in the interpretation of norms can be conceptualized as the experience of semiotic conflicts. We explore semiotic conflicts in the mathematics classroom in relation to: 1) mathematical practices that are being developed within the classroom, 2) socio-mathematical norms that intervene in the orchestration of the practices, and 3) differences in the interpretation of the norms.

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